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Patriot Bible University is an excellent alternative to other worthy Bible colleges - Liberty, Colorado Christian, Moody, Trinity. Patriot is affordable, reading based distance learning - no video lectures!

Watch our 2 minute video on the genius of Self-directed Learning.

  1. Books, not videos or internet movies,

  2. Study at your own pace,

  3. Rapid progress easily possible,

  4. Study when convenient, no scheduled class times,

  5. Study as much or as little each day as you desire,

  6. Students learn more in less time, than lecture based teaching,

  7. Patriot courses are focused teaching, no busy work,

  8. Courses are developed specially for correspondence studies,

  9. Students DO NOT receive a syllabus with busy work assignments,

  10. Patriot sells all materials required by courses,

  11. Frequent milestones with shorter two-credit courses,

  12. Apply course knowledge immediately in your life and ministry.

>> Details on Patriot’s *Unique* Curriculum

  1. Bullet Affordable

  2. Bullet Pay-as-you-go without loans or interest

  3. Bullet Stay in your present home and job

Patriot’s two unique tuition plans are the best value in the country!

Tuition is based upon $40-50 per credit hour. Pay per credit hour OR monthly. Plans starting at $38 per month - with no interest! Special prepaid tuition and book packages starting at $ 699  >>  more info

Enroll for less than $150 and complete your undergraduate degree for under $3500, Masters of Arts degree for less than $1800, and Doctorate of Ministry for less than $2500

Now accepting students from all nations. No residency requirements.



Start Anytime, Study Anywhere.